Haystack Connect 2019 a Resounding Success

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Haystack Connect 2019 a Resounding Success

Haystack Connect 2019 a Resounding Success

The 4th biennial Haystack Connect conference, was another great success demonstrating the continued growth of the community and widespread adoption of the Haystack standard by manufacturers, developers and systems integrators large and small. Attended by Project Haystack community members and representatives from the smart building and IoT industry, 24 sponsors and exhibitors from around the world, the community forged ahead once again, addressing the evolving challenges of making data easier to use and interoperable across the built and IoT environments.

The event featured over 50 speakers from systems integrators, technology providers, OEMs, and building owners and operators to presentations focused on the technical side of Project Haystack and the Working Groups, and the public review of the new Haystack 4!


Haystack 4 is the culmination of over a year's worth of work resulting in new vocabulary, taxonomy, ontology and inference, that can better describe real-world data through tagging and semantic modeling.

The first “Pitchfest”. Think Shark Tank for Project Haystack, allowing companies 10 minutes to pitch their products and use of tagging and data modeling. 

And, always a highlight of every Haystack Connect is the performance of the legendary Interoperable Blues Band (IBB). Not just any band, but the integration of talented attendees playing with the featured band, “Band in the Round”.


All of the Haystack Connect 2019 Speaker Presentations are available at: www.haystackconnect.org/schedule.

You can find a more detailed recap of the event in the June 2019 issue of www.automatedbuildings.com.

Detailed documentation describing the Haystack 4 design is available for Public Review at: www.project-haystack.dev.










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