Update to State of Utah Haystack Tagging Reference Model

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State of Utah Tags Update

Update to State of Utah Haystack Tagging Reference Model

One of the resources available from the Project Haystack website is a spreadsheet that documents a State of Utah job from a few years ago. This spreadsheet details the various types of equips and how they should be tagged. It also lists all the points in each equip type and documents the proper Haystack tags used.  This is a great resource for anyone who is new to Haystack and trying to build their first Haystack compatible BAS database.

When Haystack 4 was released, some previously defined tags were changed or deprecated. The downloadable spreadsheet has now been updated to reflect the tag changes made in Haystack 4.  If you are a Project Haystack novice and looking for help tagging a new project, you can use this file to see how to tag entities correctly.

The updated State of Utah Haystack 4.0 Tagging Reference Model Example (Excel File) can be found under Resources > White. Papers: https://marketing.project-haystack.org/project-haystack-resources/white-papers.

If you have any questions, please join us in the Project Haystack Forum: https://www.project-haystack.org/forum/topic.


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