Project Haystack Announces New Associate Member to the Organization

Project Haystack

Project Haystack Announces New Associate Member to the Organization

Project Haystack Announces New Associate Member to the Organization

The Project Haystack Organization ia proud to announce that a new Associate Member company, Coster Group, has joined the organization.

“For over 10 years, Project Haystack has been developing the widely accepted standard for semantic modeling methodology with a focus on buildings,” said Alex Rohweder, Co-Executive Director of the Project Haystack Organization. “One key element of its proliferation is the adoption of the Project Haystack standard by controls manufacturers. Coster Group, a leading Italian controls company, is a prime example for that.”

Since 1967, Coster Group has been offering the best for efficient management of building systems: from controllers for heating plants to the development of “custom-made” BMS. Their approach has been to integrate technologies and building management to ensure an efficient, and at the same time, healthy living environment without ever sacrificing the simplicity of use of the building systems.

“Our company began a process of digital innovation a few years ago that has led us to launch innovative solutions on the market that create added value in terms of communication and simplicity for the end user. By adhering to the open-source Haystack project and thanks to its tagging concept, our systems take interoperability to the extreme and make our HVAC systems even easier to configure and manage," said Davide Manca, Technical Director & Board Member of Coster Group.

“Project Haystack is playing the leading role in making device data interoperable, providing the industry with a standard metadata model, tools, reference implementations and educational materials, all developed by a true open-source community,” said Marc Petock, Executive Secretary of the Project Haystack Organization. “Membership in the organization, participation in working groups, and adoption in real world projects, now estimated to be over 45,000 facilities worldwide, points to the growth and acceptance of the Haystack standard.”

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