Welcome e-Magic As Our Newest Associate Member

Project Haystack

Welcome e-Magic As Our Newest Associate Member

Welcome e-Magic As Our Newest Associate Member

We are excited to announce a new Associate Member has joined Project Haystack. Please welcome e-Magic.

e-Magic Inc. specializes in providing expertise and software for design, development and integration of large scale Industrial IoT systems globally.

e-Magic solutions run on-premise, as well as in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Applications include Centralized Operations, Smart Buildings, Facilities and Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Industrial production and AI for prediction and optimization.

e-Magic solutions have been installed in a wide range of industrial sectors including: buildings, facilities, manufacturing, utilities, mining and metals, cement, oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical, petrochemical and pulp and paper.

To learn more about e-Magic, please visit www.e-magic.ca.

We greatly appreciate their commitment to support the work of Project Haystack!






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