Project Haystack Connections Magazine Fall 2020 Is Now Available!

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Project Haystack Connections Magazine Fall 2020 Is Now Available!

Project Haystack Connections Magazine Fall 2020 Is Now Available!

The Project Haystack organizations is pleased to announce the publication of the eighth issue of the Project Haystack Connections Magazine! It is a true testament to the mission that the Haystack Community is committed to and highlights many of the accomplishments that have been made over the past six months. We feel it is especially relevant during these challenging times as we redefine how we work and manage the built environment.

The theme of our Fall 2020 issue is 'Making It All Work Together'. It holds another collection of articles contributed by Project Haystack members and supporters that include CM Industrial, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Intelligent Buildings Group, BAS Services & Graphics, BrainBox AI, BuildingFit, Conserve It and J2 Innovations.

An official press announcement will be released on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 8:00 AM EST.

Brian Frank, Technical Lead of Project Haystack, provided an update on Haystack 4. The Project Haystack website,, is being transitioned to the new Developer website,, to focus on the new Haystack 4 methodology and assignment of tags. The activities of the Working Groups and the developer Forum conversations will be transitioned to the Developer site soon, as well.

John Petze, Executive Director and Marc Petock, Executive Secretary of Project Haystack contributed the following two articles respectively, “Data Semantics in The Built Environment: Learning the Concepts of Data Modeling of Facility and Equipment Systems” and “Smart Analytics Requires Smart Data”. 

We want to express our sincerest gratitude and thank everyone for their contributions to another informative Connections Magazine.

The Project Haystack Connections Magazine Fall 2020 Issue can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you to all the advertisers and to everyone that contributed to this Fall 2020 issue of Project Haystack Connections Magazine.

Project Haystack continues expanding the standards for semantic modeling methodology and building on the tagging libraries for more and more applications. This community-driven, open-source process is engaging companies that work on different facets of specifying and implementation. They understand the importance of “Making It All Work Together”.






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