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Project Haystack Announces Dates For Haystack Connect 2017 Conference

Richmond, VA - May 26, 2016 - Project Haystack (, a 501(c) non-profit organization focused on developing common standards to streamline the interchange and interoperability of data among IoT devices, smart equipment and systems, today announced the dates and venue for their third, biennial Haystack Connect Conference.

Haystack Connect 2017 will take place May 8th through 10th in 2017 at the Saddlebrook Resort Tampa located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, just north of Tampa International Airport. At Haystack Connect, the community of Project Haystack supporters that includes engineers and developers from leading technology suppliers, system integrators and service firms and forward-looking corporate end users, come together to further advance the state-of-the-art of managing, presenting and analyzing the vast amounts of data generated by today’s IoT devices, smart equipment and systems.


Project Haystack Adds New Members Demonstrating Continued Acceptance of the Organization’s Standards for Semantic Modeling and Tagging of Device and Equipment Data

Richmond, VA - April 28, 2016 - Project Haystack (, a collaborative community addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling and tagging to streamline the interchange of data among different systems, devices, equipment and software applications in order to lower the cost of intelligent building and IoT solutions, today announced three new Associate Member companies. 

The new Project Haystack Associate Member companies are:


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