Reminder: AHR Expo 2020 - Haystack 4 - Free Education Session

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Reminder: AHR Expo 2020 - Haystack 4 - Free Education Session

Reminder: AHR Expo 2020 - Haystack 4 - Free Education Session

Haystack 4 - The Continued Evolution of Semantic Tagging – What it Is and Why it Matters

Presenters: John Petze and Marc Petock

When: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: W311C

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The understanding of the need for semantic modelling of device and equipment data has matured significantly in the last decade, and the requirements and techniques for applying semantic modelling to equipment data are advancing rapidly. As we have learned, semantic modelling is critical for humans to work with and understand the ever-increasing amount of data coming from their systems, but the process of manually applying that semantic model is not scalable. We need our tools to simplify and automate how the semantic model is applied.

Haystack 4 builds on the eight years of experience in applying Haystack across thousands of buildings worldwide, the input from practitioners in the community throughout that time, as well the collaborators that have participated in the activities of Haystack Working and BACnet Groups.

Haystack 4 addresses the next level of sophistication in semantic modelling – developing a taxonomy and an ontology to enhance the ability to represent machine-readable relationships of things and their data. By taxonomy, we refer to a way of defining the relationships of things. For example, we say that water is a subtype of liquid because it is a specific type of liquid. The converse is that liquid is a super-type of water. Haystack 4 utilizes the concept of subtypes to organize all terms into a tree-based taxonomy. This provides us with defined and agreed upon relationships of things. We will touch on the concept of “types” more in a moment.

By ontology, we refer to the way a semantic model captures relationships between things, such as which AHU feeds air to a VAV. We need a structured taxonomy to achieve the benefits of a rich ontology of devices and equipment systems. A powerful use case for analyzing data from the IoT is tracking the flow of energy across systems. Haystack 4 extends the standard to support the implementation of both taxonomy and the resulting ontologies.

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